Custom Built Homes in Charleston

New construction and custom built homes are flourishing in Charleston, and if you’re not careful, you may end up with a custom home builder who leaves your dreams in the dust. 

How do you choose the right Charleston home builder for you?  

Choosing a contractor is a big investment and puts the building of your dream home into someone else’s hands so don’t be afraid to do your due diligence. Be sure to vet custom builders in Charleston and ask them the tough questions before signing any contracts:

  • Are the home builders licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • How many custom homes have they built?
  • How long have they been custom home builders? 
  • In what areas of Charleston have they built custom homes?
  • What’s the expected timeline for your dream home?
  • How invested will they actually be in the building process? 
  • Will they be available for questions? 

Only trust home builders in Charleston who:

  • Are licensed, bonded and insured in the State of South Carolina. 
  • Can point out high-quality examples in the nicest Charleston neighborhoods.
  • Offer examples, testimonials, and references from satisfied clients. 
  • Are readily available during working hours to address comments or concerns. 

Charleston Custom Home Builders

Charleston Homeworx is a licensed, insured and bonded homebuilder in the Charleston area offering 35 years of quality craftsmanship and unfailing professionalism of custom built homes, custom home designs, home renovations, and home additions. 

We bring a wealth of knowledge of Charleston’s finest custom home building communities, ensuring solid results with the testimonials to prove it. Our experience will guide you through the motions of building your dream home, helping your vision come to fruition as quickly as possible. Simply said: our prescription to custom home building works. 

Ready to build your custom home? Call us at 843-200-1875 or e-mail at to schedule your free consultation.